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  • COMES PD-Truck is a universal device for forcing jerks of the vehicle road wheels, in order to examine play in suspension and steering components, e.g. joints, pins, bearings. It is used for diagnostics of vehicles with GVWR up to and above 3.5 tons. The Comes PD-Truck is a hydraulic play tester. It provides high jerking force and working speed of the test plates in accordance with EU requirements. The device allows each of the test plates to move in two directions: transverse and longitudinal. The movements of the plates can take place independently or simultaneously, in any direction. The device is controlled wirelessly, using a radio remote control with flashlight.

  • • Universal, hydraulic, 8-way play tester for inspecting vehicles with GVWR up to and above 3.5 tons.
    • The device is operated by means of a wireless radio remote control:
    – The remote control, in combination with the control unit, ensures that the operator controls the movements of the testing plates from the test site in such a way that the tested undercarriage components can be observed;
    – ergonomic shape and intuitive operation of the remote control make working with the device simple and pleasant;
    – equipped with a flashlight with a focused and powerful beam of light, which makes it easier to observe the controlled vehicle.
    • Hydraulic drive for high jerking force (30 kN) and high plate speed, compliant with EU regulations (5-15 cm/s).
    • The movements of the two jerking plates take place in the transverse and longitudinal directions. The movement of the plate is 100 mm:
    – independent movements of the right and left plates.
    – movements of both plates at the same time: counter-rotating (with opposite directions) and concurrent (with the same directions), both in transverse and longitudinal directions.
    – 16 types of plate movement.
    – possibility of forcing additional twist movement of the vehicle’s wheels, after installing particular prisms onto the jerking plates (optional).
    • The movement of the jerking plates can be controlled in two ways: manual or automatic
    • The working surface of test plates is made of riffled plate, ensuring adequate adhesion between the wheel tire and the plate.
    • Special frames or cassettes to facilitate preparation of foundation.
    • The device can be used in service pits ats workshops or at a Vehicle Inspection Station.

    COMES PD-Truck is a device designed and manufactured in Poland.

  • Equipment of the COMES PD-Truck * Quantity
    Test plates assemblies 2
    Power unit (hydraulic power unit with solenoid valves)1
    Hydraulic hose set 1
    Control Unit (electrical cabinet with controller)1
    Wireless remote control with flashlight 1
    Foundation frames – set (optional)1
    Foundation cassettes – set (optional) 1

    * Equipment dependent on set / order

  • Basic technical data

    Parameter namePD-Truck
    Maximum axle load130 kN
    Maximum plate load65 kN
    Dimensions of the test plate 750x750 mm
    Drive – power unit Hydraulic 3,0 kW
    Shear force per side 30 000 N
    Maximum plate travel:
    - longitudinal
    - transverse

    100 mm
    100 mm
    Operation of test plates (control):- single
    - together concurrently
    - together counter-rotating