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  • COMES G-Truck is a computerized CCD instrument for checking the alignment of wheels and axles of vehicles with GVW above 3.5, enabling measurement of trucks, buses, trailers and semi-trailers with rims in the diameter range of 11" to 25" (28"). G-Truck enables measurement of both two- and multi-axle vehicles.
    The device has 2 active measuring heads.
    COMES G-Truck is a device that performs measurements against the axis of symmetry of the vehicle frame, which is the basic load-bearing element of trucks, buses, trailers and semi-trailers for trucks, buses, trailers and semi-trailers.
    Communication of the heads communicate with the computer and their power supply are wireless.
    The device is certified for use at Vehicle Inspection Stations.
    COMES G-Truck is a device designed and manufactured in Poland.

  • • A complete, computerized CCD device for wheel and axle alignment measurements of vehicles with GVWR over 3.5 t
    • The measuring heads are equipped with, among other things, electronic two-axis inclinometers for vertical angle measurements and high-resolution CCD sensors/cameras for convergence angle measurements.
    • Each measuring unit is additionally equipped with a laser, which allows to direct strong and focused beams to the measuring screens.
    • Battery-powered (wireless) power supply for measuring units.
    • Wireless radio communication between the measuring units and the central processing unit.
    • Measurement program for PC, displaying parameters measured in real time on the adjustment screens, creating measurement reports and allowing measurement results archiving.
    • High practicality of the device due to the possibility of using a portable laptop computer, which provides visualization of measurement results in any place in the vicinity of the tested vehicle.
    • A mobile cabinet that enables to move the device easily.
    • Measuring heads have an ergonomic handle for easy installation and handling.
    • Possibility of using the device in a workshop or at a Vehicle Inspection Station.

    COMES G-Truck is a device designed and manufactured in Poland.

    The device has an ITS (Motor Transport Institute) certificate (No. Z15/023/23), confirming the possibility of using the device at a Vehicle Inspection Station.

    The G-Truck device allows you to measure the following parameters:
    • Total toe
    • Individual toe
    • Camber angle
    • Kingpin inclination for the front axle wheels
    • Caster angle for front axle wheels
    • The difference in steering angles for the front axle
    • Maximum steering angle of the front axle wheels
    • Wheel offset angle (of an axle) – non-perpendicularity of the wheel axle to the frame axis of symmetry
    • The angle of non-parallelism of the axle of the vehicle
    • Wheel trace (lateral offset of the wheels of a given axle)

  • Equipment of the COMES G-Truck *Quantity
    Wireless measuring heads with CCD cameras2
    Control module (for cooperation between heads and PC)1
    Wheel clamps with expansion joints 2
    Rear wheel screens with slings 2
    Complete scales 2 sets
    - Booms4
    - Boom coupler 2
    - Home screens4
    - Toe screens 2
    Self-centering mechanism 2 sets
    - Long vertical hangers with frame fasteners 4
    - Short vertical hangers with frame fasteners4
    - Magnetic hangers 4
    - Semi-trailer sling 1
    - Trailer sling 1
    Steering wheel lock1
    Brake pedal lock1
    Alignment plates for rear wheels2
    Mobile cabinet1
    PC Software 1
    User Manual1
    Laptop / PC Kit1 set

    * Equipment dependent on set / order

  • Basic measuring ranges

    Technical ParametersMeasuring with application of Total Measuring Range
    Total toe Measuring heads
    Toe screens
    Individual toeMeasuring heads
    Toe screens
    Camber angleMeasuring heads±30°
    Caster angleMeasuring heads±30°
    Kingpin inclination Measuring heads±30°
    Front wheel offset angle Measuring heads±15°
    Rear wheel offset angle Toe screens±1°30’
    Axis non-parallelism angle±16°30’
    Wheel trace Home screens ±400 mm

    Scope of application of the instrument

    • Track width of test vehicles                          1000 – 2500 mm
    • Wheelbase of test vehicles                            from 2500 mm
    • Wheel rim diameter of the test vehicles    from 11” to 25” (28″ optional)
    • Permissible wheel pressure on the turntable           57,50 kN