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G-CAR 8.0

  • COMES G-Car 8.0 is a computerised CCD instrument for checking the wheel and axle alignment of vehicles up to 3.5t. The instrument allows the measurement of passenger cars and vans. It has 4 active measuring heads. The active heads use measurement technology based, among other things, on 8 CCD cameras. Communication of the heads with the computer and powering the heads is done wirelessly. COMES G-Car 8.0 is a device which performs measurements relative to the geometric axis of the vehicle. The device is certified for use in Vehicle Inspection Stations. COMES G-Car 8.0 is a device designed and manufactured in Poland.

    • Complete computerized CCD device for wheel and axle geometry measurements of vehicles up to 3.5t dmc.
    • Measuring heads equipped with, among others, electronic biaxial inclinometers for measuring vertical angles and high-resolution CCD sensors/cameras for measuring vehicle horizontal angles.
    • Rechargeable (wireless) power supply for measuring units.
    • Wireless radio communication between the measurement units and the central unit.
    • Wheel mounts for mounting on rims with diameters ranging from 11′” to 25″.
    • Intuitive measurement program on PC, guiding the operator step by step and:
      • displaying the entire measurement and adjustment process on the screens, showing the measured parameters in real time,
      • creating measurement reports and allowing for the archiving of measurement results,
      • presenting the results in a tabular and graphical manner, showing the vehicle’s wheel and axle alignment in a clear way,
      • generating a measurement protocol that includes customer and vehicle data, factory data, as well as data before and after adjustment,
      • with a choice of 3 operating modes, allowing to optimize working time and configure the measurement activities to the needs of the operator,
      • having a function of toe adjustment with the wheels twisted and unloaded (lifted),
      • having an extensive database compatible with Auto-Data.
    • Wheel run-out compensation is carried out by rotating the raised wheels.
    • High practicality of the device through the possibility of using a portable laptop computer, which provides visualization of measurement results anywhere in the vicinity of the tested vehicle.
    • Mobile cabinet that allows easy movement of the device.
    • Measuring heads with an ergonomic handle for easy installation and handling.
    • Ability to measure vehicles with a wheelbase of up to 5 meters.
    • Possibility of using an extension for the monitor.
    • Possibility of using the device both on a pit stand and a diagnostic lift, in a workshop or a Vehicle Inspection Station.

    COMES G-Car 8.0 is a device designed and manufactured in Poland.

    The device has an ITS certificate (No. Z15/028/17), which confirms the possibility of using the device at the VIS.

    The G-Car 8.0 device allows measurement of the following parameters:

    • total toe
    • individual wheel alignment
    • toe difference
    • camber angle
    • camber difference
    • camber angle of the steering knuckle axle of the front axle
    • angle of advance of the steering knuckle axle of the front axle
    • front axle steering angle difference
    • maximum steering angle of the wheels of the front axle
    • deviation of the geometric axis of travel from the axis of symmetry / wheel tracking
    • longitudinal wheel offset of the front and rear axles
    • lateral offset of wheels for left and right sides
    • axle misalignment / vehicle wheelbase difference
  • COMES G-Car 8.0 equipment *Quantity
    Wireless active measuring heads4
    Control module (for communication of heads with PC)1
    Head mounting brackets on wheel rims range 11"-25"4
    Steering wheel lock1
    Brake pedal lock1
    Expansion plates for rear wheels2
    Mobile cabinet1
    PC software1
    User Manual1
    Laptop / PC Kit1
    Monitor extension1

    * Equipment depends on completion / order

  • Standard measurement ranges

    ParameterMeasurement range
    Total convergence ±30°
    Individual wheel alignment±15°
    Angle of inclination of the wheel±30°
    Angle of advance of the steering axle±30°
    Angle of inclination of the steering knuckle axle±30°
    Deviation of the geometric axis of travel from the axis of symmetry±15°
    Longitudinal wheel offset (front axle/rear axle)±15°
    Parallelism of axes±30°

    Measurement limits

    • Track width of test vehicles                          1000 – 2500 mm
    • Wheelbase of test vehicles                           1000 – 4700 mm
    • Diameter of rims of tested vehicles       from 11” to 25”
    • Permissible wheel pressure on the turntable            10 kN